Laura Strickling shines in James Matheson’s “Times Alone”

October 20, 2016

Voices from the Heart

Laura Strickling & Thomas Sauer

Laura Strickling & Thomas Sauer, Cooper Bates photography

Mark Estren reviews Yarlung’s new CD “James Matheson” on

it is the vocal work, Times Alone, that is most immediately striking. It is a setting, in English, of five surrealist poems from the 1907 collection called Soledades, galerias y otros poemas by Antonio Machado (1875-1939). The emotional progression of the poems is handled particularly adeptly by [soprano] Laura Strickling and [pianist] Thomas Sauer: the first three poems are on the light, even playful side, but the last two become more thoughtful, serious and introspective, and the works’ imagery is well-reflected in Matheson’s nicely proportioned settings. Like the other works here, Times Alone was recorded live in performance….

Laura Strickling

Laura Strickling, Cooper Bates photography

…Matheson is a highly interesting composer whose work genuinely seeks to reach out to audiences, and this recording is as good an introduction to (or exploration of) the forms in which he works as anyone is likely to offer. It is also a particularly handsomely produced release, with a very extended booklet packed with information and fine color photos – not a reason in and of itself to own the CD, but a particularly nice bonus for purchasers.

–Mark Estren

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