Sibelius Trio Earns Latin Grammy Nomination

Diego Schissi

Bravo Diego and Sibelius Piano Trio!

Para su consideración:

Composición Clásica Contemporánea (Sibelius Piano Trio: “Nene”, de Diego Schissi)

For your consideration:

Contemporary Classical Composition (Sibelius Piano Trio: Nene, by Diego Schissi)

El maestro argentino de jazz y tango Diego Schissi compuso “Nene” para Sibelius Piano Trio, que fue lanzado por Yarlung el año pasado con éxito crítico.

Argentine jazz and tango master Diego Schissi wrote Nene for Sibelius Piano Trio, which Yarlung released last year to critical acclaim.

Sibelius Piano Trio CD Cover

Selecciones varias de “Nene”
Folleto informativo
“Nene”; descarga completa de alta calidad de audio de CD

¡Gracias, y que lo disfruten!

Nene Music Samples
Album booklet
Complete CD Quality Download: Nene, by Diego Schissi

Thank you! Enjoy!

Nene was commissioned by Yarlung Artists Coretet, Yarlung’s new music commissioning organization directed by Donna Morton, with underwriting from Leslie Lassiter, Raulee Marcus and Stephen A. Block.Thank you!


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  1. jenattiyeh

    FYI, this is the second Grammy nomination affiliated with the upmarket Yarlung Records label. And the first nomination turned out to be a winner! So congratulations to the Yarlung team, to Diego Schissi and to the Sibelius Piano Trio. Don’t lose too much loose change at the Grammy Awards in Las Vegas!


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