Ciaramella Dances

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CD from executive producer Arian Jansen

45 RPM 180-Gram vinyl from executive producer Elliot Midwood

… a jewel.  Alive with definition, the “you are there” sound pops into the room….  Best imaging, pacing, and sense of verisimilitude…
It is the best LP I have heard all around in 30 years.
— Robert H. Levi, PFO

I had a few minutes on Saturday when I got to the office and listened to Ciaramella. I was gob-smacked. It’s easily one of the best sounding LPs I have.
–Gary Koh, Genesis Advanced Technologies

…when these extremely talented musicians begin to play, their liveliness and freshness is almost palpable…. And when it is played like this, the sounds of 300 years ago sound as if they were made only yesterday.
–Robert Stroble, Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell

Dances on Moveable Ground: Yarlung adds another rung to the ladder of analog audio excellence…

Known as the most sexually implicit of all the dances in seventeenth-century Spain, the ciaconna included graphic lyrics and suggestive hip gyrations and was consequently banned by the Church. If one were convicted of dancing the ciaconna during the Spanish Inquisition, one could be sentenced to 200 lashes. Naturally, the Church’s antagonism greatly increased everyone’s interest in this exotic dance.”  You have been advised, listen at you own risk!

Yet, leave it to Yarlung to capture the sonic excellence of these unique instruments. That’s right, ONE Microphone. When you hear this recording; the stereo separation, the deep soundstage and imaging of each instrument’s presence separately floating in the air of your living room, you will not believe that they weren’t mic’d and mixed independently.  “Each composition was caught in one take.” The gifted Steve Hoffman’s mastering technique is indelibly stamped on the vinyl version of the release.

The Absolute Sound recently awarded Yarlung’s GRAMMY® winning Antonio Lysy: Music from Argentina one of the Top 40 recordings of all time. Ciaramella: Dances on Moveable Ground should make their Top 10…. Don’t miss it.
— David Thomson, Record Collector News

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