Newsletter: Sep. 5, 2017

Dear Friends, Greetings and happy weekend. Two pieces of musically delicious news to share! Sibelius Piano Trio has received a Nomination for a Latin GRAMMY Award for Diego Schissi’s wonderful composition Nene, commissioned by Yarlung Artists Coretet and underwritten by Leslie Lassiter, Raulee Marcus and Steve Block. Kudos to Diego, the Sibelius Piano Trio, and to executive producer Ann Mulally and 100th Anniversary sponsors Linda and Randy Bellous! Here is the album if you’d like another copy. [Reviews & Articles] Also, our wonderful new CD featuring Yuko Mabuchi Trio comes out this weekend! Help yourself! Video and Music Jeff Wilson’s review in The Absolute Sound Robert H. Levi’s review in Postive Feedback Thoughts by Peter Rutenberg Have a wonderful weekend! I look forward to seeing our board, executive producers and major donors at our Yarlung Annual Meeting and concert in a few weeks! Thank you to so many of you for making our work possible. Sincerely, Bob Attiyeh

Sibelius Piano Trio Yarlung (2 CDs)

by composer and music critic Mark Lehman Though renowned for his symphonic works, Sibelius wrote a lot of chamber music too, much of it in his early career, that remains little known.  This includes several piano trios from the 1880s that the young composer (an accomplished violinist) wrote to play with his brother and sister.  They sound nothing like his mature masterpieces but are nevertheless charming, expertly made, and brimming over with dandy tunes, inventive but always idiomatic and transparent instrumental textures, and a youthful, high-spirited delight in music-making. Korppoo Trio is the most ambitious and expansive of the three Sibelius trios on Yarlung’s program, coming in at 26 minutes, its fluent, melodic opening allegro interrupted on occasion by stabbing, rather Beethovenian assertions and even a clean-lined fugato at one point, though the overall form is classic in outline and clear as a bell.  The second movement unfolds elaborate episodes that Continue Reading →

Award-Winning Label Achieves State-of-the-Art Sound

Yarlung Recording Session – by Robert Harley Though a small label, Yarlung Records has, since releasing its first album in 2005, made itself noticed in the audiophile community and beyond, appearing on TAS’ newly updated Super LP List and winning a Grammy® award.  So I was excited to have an opportunity to attend a recent Yarlung recording session and witness firsthand the extraordinary engineering behind the company’s releases.  The recording session was more like a concert performance for a small invited group, with movements performed in their entirety rather than stitched together later in the editing room. The recording venue was the sonically and visually gorgeous Samueli Theater, part of the larger Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, California.  Samueli’s smaller space is ideal for chamber music. The team set up three entirely separate recording chains, each with its own microphones, recorders, and engineers.  The three chains represented Continue Reading →

Yarlung Records, Segerstrom Center, Magico, Ciaramella

Magico Speakers | Ciaramella Dances For Yarlung’s recording at The Segerstrom Center for the Arts  in early November, 2015, we will take our microphone test tracks to nearby Scott Walker Audio for a final check of levels and balance.  Coincidentally, the Magico speakers Scott uses are featured in this newsletter from The Absolute Sound (presented here with permission of the publisher).  Yarlung was delighted to see a glowing review of our first 45 RPM vinyl release Ciaramella Dances in this same newsletter.  Enjoy! And thank you. This November recording, J Schlichting executive producer, celebrates the music of James Matheson,  who will be with us during the sessions.  Color Field Quartet from the Chicago Symphony plays Jim’s string quartet, and soprano Laura Strickling and pianist Tom Sauer join us from New York for Jim’s song cycle Times Alone.  These two works will accompany Jim’s violin concerto, with Baird Dodge as soloist with the Continue Reading →

Executive Producers – Yarlung Records

Sponsorship, philanthropy and guidance from underwriters have always been critical to the success of music and the performing arts.  The choragoi, wealthy citizens of Athens, helped produce and pay for classical performances in the 5th and 4th centuries BC.   Before them, the pharaohs sponsored the arts in ancient Egypt.  Lorenzo de Medici and his Renaissance family were not the first patrons of the arts in western culture, and as long as the arts flourish, it will be visionary people who finance them and make them possible. Countess Yoko Nagae Ceschina, “Fairy Godmother to the New York Philharmonic,” died last month.  I appreciated this loving tribute in the New York Times. It is our executive producers who sponsor and make music possible at Yarlung Records.  They are our fairy godmothers and fairy godfathers, our modern Medicis, who work with us and support our musicians every year. Please join our executive producers Continue Reading →

The Absolute Sound – Yarlung Records Makes A Splash

Yarlung Records Makes A Splash By Jeff Wilson   |  Aug 13th, 2014 Categories: Jazz, Classical One of the pleasures of experiencing a second golden age of audio is witnessing all the ways record labels keep evolving. Take, for example, Yarlung Records, a California- based company that, when it was launched in 2005, was just one more small label in the increasingly sink-or-swim music industry. Almost ten years later Yarlung remains, in the words of owner Bob Attiyeh (uh-TEA-yuh), “too small to fail,” yet its list of accomplishments points to the success a label can achieve when it combines carefully-chosen performances with superb-sounding recordings. Case in point: In 2010 Yarlung won a Grammy for Antonio Lysy at The Broad: Music from Argentina, a recording that also earned a spot on the list of top forty best-sounding recordings TAS compiled in Issue 234. A big part of Yarlung’s success comes from its Continue Reading →