Newsletter: Oct. 5, 2017

Dear Friends, Happy Autumn! This is GRAMMY® Voting Season, and we’re proud to offer Sibelius Piano Trio and Obsidian in three categories this year: Best Contemporary Classical Composition for David Lefkowitz’ enchanting and ethereal Ruminations for piano trio, Sibelius Piano Trio itself for best chamber music (small ensemble) and Mika Sasaki’s homage to Clara Schumann in her debut album Obsidian, for best classical instrumental solo. NARAS members please download full albums from the Recording Academy web page. CONGRATULATIONS TO DIEGO SCHISSI FOR YOUR LATIN GRAMMY NOMINATION FOR NENE ON SIBELIUS PIANO TRIO! BRAVO! (Yes, I’m shouting! Yay!) More info on Sibelius Piano Trio and Obsidian. DSD HDTracks Yarlung SonoruS Series analog tape buffs please know that progress is afoot to release two reels of our most recent hit Yuko Mabuchi Trio on analog tape as well as two reels from Sibelius Piano Trio by early spring.  (One friend in Australia already pre-ordered Yuko Mabuchi Trio!) In the meantime, CDs and high res downloads have been making people happy. Thank you so much for your support, Continue Reading →

Yarlung Records files using SonoruS Holographic Imaging

Thank you for your interest in SonoruS Holographic Imaging.[1] Some people say it feels like the sonic equivalent of virtual reality. Friends who have heard demonstrations of SonoruS Holographic Imaging have remarked on a realistic three-dimensional sound stage and have appreciated the natural presence of the musicians and their placement within the acoustics of the concert hall.[2] If you have set up stereo speakers in your room correctly, this format can fill the room with musical information.  The free downloads on this page can help you decide if you like Holographic Imaging and if it works well in your stereo system.  If you don’t like the effect, or if the effect doesn’t work, please choose our regular stereo version of the same music. Please note! Yarlung’s SonoruS Holographic Imaging files do not work on headphones.  Moreover, they only work for one person sitting in the center.  Two people listening side-by-side on Continue Reading →

Myles Astor review in PFO of Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble

HDtracks | iTunes  | Native DSD Volume 1 | Native DSD Volume 2 | SoundCloud | Yarlung Records Myles Astor, New York, writing for PFO, December 11th, 2013 Reel-to-reel Recording of the Year: Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble, Yarlung Records. Steve Reich: Nagoya Marimbas; Lou Harrison: Canticle No.3; Maurice Ravel: Sonatine. Producer and engineer: Bob Attiyeh. 15-ips/2-track, CCIR, Yarlung Records. In contrast to past years, there was absolutely no shortage of candidates in this category including The Tape Project’s Lee Morgan Sidewinder, International Phonograph’s Ravi Shankar in Luxembourg, 1980 and Opus 3’s One, Vol. 2 Sampler tape. When push came to shove, however, Yarlung Records newly recorded and released Smoke & Mirrors walked away with this year’s top prize! This single, roughly 31 minute reel, features a potpourri of percussion music from a trio of 20th century composers ranging from the likes of Steve Reich to Lou Harrison to Maurice Ravel. Each track is a musical and sonic spectacular with Continue Reading →