Review: Yuko Mabuchi Trio Concert

by Robert H. Levi Senior Associate Editor at Large, Positive Feedback Yuko Mabuchi plays the ivories with the touch of an angel and the understanding of an artist many times her young age. She is backed by seasoned musicians with strong drive plus an acute sense of playing with and not over the pianist. This is Yarlung’s third jazz album recorded like you wish all performances were recorded: listening is just like being there. All that’s missing here is the expensive tickets and sticky floor! The selection of mostly standards and stand-outs is delightful and hard to leave. I liked every one of them, particularly the All The Things You Are, Take The A Train, Satin Doll Medley and St. Thomas, a Sonny Rollins classic. The Japanese Medley was hauntingly gorgeous and intriguing. I played it twice in my first listening pass. The album is all about Yuko Mabuchi and Continue Reading →

exaSound salutes Yarlung Records on its 10th Anniversary

Yarlung    |  | exaSound sponsored Yarlung’s first quartet of albums in high resolution DSD, and exaSound salutes Yarlung Records on its 10th Anniversary Review by Robert H. Levi Review by Dr. David Robinson The Collaboration Some audiophiles believe that Quad DSD is the finest medium to deliver great music on the planet.  Recording music to Quad DSD is one thing, but playing it back is another much more difficult process.  The circuitry and design aesthetic required to take the super high resolution DSD files and deliver them as living and breathing music takes enormous skill and care.  For this most important and delicate step we are especially grateful to George Klissarov.  It is his musical aesthetic and from-the-ground-up engineering that enabled him to create the exaSound e22, which must be one of the finest Quad DSD and high resolution PCM digital to analog converters on the planet.  Continue Reading →