Newsletter: Dec 19, 2017

Dear Friends, Greetings! And Happy Holidays to you! While it isn’t Christmas music specifically, Nostos gets into the holiday spirit with rousing acapella choral repertoire from English, German, Russian, Hanseatic and American musical traditions. Thank you Rob Istad, thank you University Singers and thank you executive producer Leslie Bigos for this fabulous album. We anticipate Nostos will also be available in Stereo, SonoruS Holographic Imaging and Quatro Surround Sound on NativeDSD this week too. Thank you Tom and thank you Jared! Here’s video from the pre-recording live concert of the American Spiritual My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord Great news on the Yuko Mabuchi Trio front: The Trio travels to New York City to be part of the Arts Presenters Showcase in Manhattan mid January. Yuko, Del and Bobby will perform at the mid-town Hilton at 4:30pm on January 13th. Guests are welcome. Also, Yarlung executive producers Craig and Diane Martin have made it possible for us to release our first double 45rpm vinyl album for Yuko Continue Reading →

Orange County Register announces Cal State Fullerton Singers CD

The following announcement about the Cal State Fullerton Singers new CD “Nostos” on Yarlung Records was found in the Orange County Register, December 6, 2017 The repertoire sung by Cal State Fullerton’s University Singers in June on the group’s tour of Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia has been made into an album, “Nostos: The Homecoming of Music.” Robert Istad, director of choral studies and professor of music, said… “the students and I worked really diligently to bring the music to life for our audiences, and we were completely overwhelmed with the passion and positive energy with which the audiences embraced our performances.” “The singers performed without sheet music on their tour… and this deep familiarity with the repertoire made it possible to record each of the pieces you hear on this disc in one take. There is no editing involved.“ Please visit the Orange County Register.