Award-Winning Label Achieves State-of-the-Art Sound

Yarlung Recording Session – by Robert Harley Though a small label, Yarlung Records has, since releasing its first album in 2005, made itself noticed in the audiophile community and beyond, appearing on TAS’ newly updated Super LP List and winning a Grammy® award.  So I was excited to have an opportunity to attend a recent Yarlung recording session and witness firsthand the extraordinary engineering behind the company’s releases.  The recording session was more like a concert performance for a small invited group, with movements performed in their entirety rather than stitched together later in the editing room. The recording venue was the sonically and visually gorgeous Samueli Theater, part of the larger Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, California.  Samueli’s smaller space is ideal for chamber music. The team set up three entirely separate recording chains, each with its own microphones, recorders, and engineers.  The three chains represented Continue Reading →

Yarlung Records: An Audiophile Label With a Greater Purpose

by Bob Attiyeh and posted on The Absolute Sound, April 15, 2016. The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, the world’s largest such organization with nearly 2000 members, honored at their annual Gala dinner and awards ceremony in December 2015, Yarlung Records founder Bob Attiyeh with its Humanitarian Award. Yarlung Records is a nonprofit organization that provides recording opportunities to up-and-coming artists. Many illustrious careers have been jump-started by exposure from Yarlung recordings. The recordings, which span a wide range of musical genres, are made to the highest audiophile standards, with many releases issued on vinyl including 45rpm discs. Upon hearing Bob Attiyeh’s acceptance speech at the LA&OC awards ceremony, I was struck by the tremendous contribution Bob Attiyeh and Yarlung Records is making in support of music and young musicians. I asked him to send to me his speech so that TAS can share with its readers the Continue Reading →

Brian Moura awards Yarlung one of three 2015 Writer’s Choice Awards

It is a privilege to be awarded Brian Moura’s prestigious PFO Writer’s Choice Award along with the superb NADAC from Merging Technologies and the DSD album Eight Ensembles in 1 Bit, both of which Yarlung has promoted and reviewed in our social media.  Our friends at Merging and NativeDSD deserve these awards and we are thrilled that Brian recognized Yarlung, Merging Technologies and NativeDSD in 2015.  (Please note Yarlung’s album created specially in honor of the NADAC.  Take a look at the download booklet). Bob Attiyeh is one of the largely unsung heroes in the world of very high quality music and audio. This year he celebrates the 10th Anniversary of his music company Yarlung Artists. Yarlung is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that records and releases music from young and very promising musicians in the highest audio quality. This includes Analog Tape, Vinyl LP and most recently Music Downloads. The result Continue Reading →

Dr. David W. Robinson, Postive Feedback, and DSD

Our greatest and most important ambassador for high resolution DSD playback of music files may be Dr. David W. Robinson, audiophile and Editor-in-Chief of Positive Feedback, the famed online audio magazine based in Oregon.  David became a friend some years ago and his encouragement and downright insistence have inspired success for Yarlung Records in two distinct arenas. First, David was one of the first and most important reviewers to write high-visibility articles on Yarlung’s releases on analog tape.  He fell in love with our SonoruS Series of recordings. The SonoruS Series of analog tapes  Second and more recently, David convinced us that he and his readers and listening friends around the world wanted access to the highest resolution digital transfers of these tapes, and that we needed to create 256fs[1] DSD files of this music, sampled at 11.2 megaherz, which is 4 times the speed of a Super Audio CD and Continue Reading →