A Gorgeous Debut from the Sibelius Piano Trio

…once you hear [The Sibelius Piano Trio’s debut album] from Yarlung Records, best appreciated via stereo and multi-channel DSD downloads from NativeDSD.com… you’ll understand why their debut recording of trios by Sibelius and contemporary composers deserves a place in your collection. [Pianist Juho Pohjonen] is distinguished by deep sensitivity and lucid insights. Like him, violinist Petteri Iivonen (b. 1987) and cellist Samuli Peltonen (b. 1981) have won top prizes in national and international competitions, and used them to launch international careers. IIvonen is actually famed Finish composer Kaija Saariaho’s violinist of choice for her Violin Concerto, which is saying quite a lot. Together, these three friends formed the Sibelius Piano Trio just two years ago. For a new ensemble that has only performed once in the U.S., and does not yet have a viable website, they’ve certainly racked up several impressive commissions. The discs contain three intriguing works written for Continue Reading →

Genesis DSD Quartet, new DSD downloads

Genesis Advanced Technologies sponsored Yarlung’s new quartet of High Res DSD downloads, including Sir Neville Marriner, Frederic Rosselet, Petteri Iivonen, Smoke & Mirrors percussion ensemble, Gerard Schwarz, The Colburn Orchestra and Nigel Armstrong: Click here to connect directly with NativeDSD.com to download the music We sampled Elliot Midwood’s 45 RPM 180-Gram pressing of Ciaramella Dances, our March release. Thank you Adam, Rotem and Elliot, our executive producer. http://www.yarlungrecords.com/news/ciaramella-dances/ To celebrate the 100th birthday of Billie Holiday last week, we debuted the first 180 Gram vinyl pressing from Sophisticated Lady jazz quartet, with the ensembles improvisation on “Strange Fruit.” Thank you Ann and Bill Harmsen, executive producers! http://www.yarlungrecords.com/news/sophisticated-lady-jazz/ Our most heartfelt thanks to Gary Koh and Genesis Advanced Technologies for sponsoring the Genesis Quartet.  A thousand thanks also to Elliot Midwood and Nita Millstein for hosting our presentation at Acoustic Image.  Nita, you baked the most spectacular coffee cake for us! Continue Reading →

Ciaramella Dances

Vinyl | CD | Analog Tape | Amazon vinyl | Amazon CD | iTunes | HDtracks| SoundCloud CD from executive producer Arian Jansen 45 RPM 180-Gram vinyl from executive producer Elliot Midwood … a jewel.  Alive with definition, the “you are there” sound pops into the room….  Best imaging, pacing, and sense of verisimilitude… It is the best LP I have heard all around in 30 years. — Robert H. Levi, PFO I had a few minutes on Saturday when I got to the office and listened to Ciaramella. I was gob-smacked. It’s easily one of the best sounding LPs I have. –Gary Koh, Genesis Advanced Technologies …when these extremely talented musicians begin to play, their liveliness and freshness is almost palpable…. And when it is played like this, the sounds of 300 years ago sound as if they were made only yesterday. –Robert Stroble, Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell Dances on Continue Reading →