Dr. David W. Robinson awards a 2016 Brutus Award to Yarlung Records

The Great Dr. David W. Robinson awards a 2016 Brutus Award to Yarlung Records, with special mention of Yarlung’s analog tape releases and “James Matheson” on DSD: I can’t complete this set of Brutus Awards without a special tip o’ my hat to Bob Attiyeh and Yarlung Records. His production values and remarkable recordings in classic 15 IPS half-track analog tape on a fabulous SonoruS RTR recorder, and then transferred to Quad DSD via a Merging Technologies Hapi Quad DSD ADC and available on the NativeDSD.com site, have been a wonderful treat for me for the past several years. Bob has a lovely sensibility for the music, energized by an inspiring passion for both fine classical and jazz recordings. This year has seen more brilliant work from Bob, all of which can be accessed at his store on NativeDSD.com. Bob, this one’s for you! A Brutus Award for the Matheson Continue Reading →

Dr. David W. Robinson, Postive Feedback, and DSD

Our greatest and most important ambassador for high resolution DSD playback of music files may be Dr. David W. Robinson, audiophile and Editor-in-Chief of Positive Feedback, the famed online audio magazine based in Oregon.  David became a friend some years ago and his encouragement and downright insistence have inspired success for Yarlung Records in two distinct arenas. First, David was one of the first and most important reviewers to write high-visibility articles on Yarlung’s releases on analog tape.  He fell in love with our SonoruS Series of recordings. The SonoruS Series of analog tapes  Second and more recently, David convinced us that he and his readers and listening friends around the world wanted access to the highest resolution digital transfers of these tapes, and that we needed to create 256fs[1] DSD files of this music, sampled at 11.2 megaherz, which is 4 times the speed of a Super Audio CD and Continue Reading →

exaSound salutes Yarlung Records on its 10th Anniversary

Yarlung Records.com    |  exaSound.com  |   YarlungRecords.NativeDSD.com exaSound sponsored Yarlung’s first quartet of albums in high resolution DSD, and exaSound salutes Yarlung Records on its 10th Anniversary Review by Robert H. Levi Review by Dr. David Robinson The Collaboration Some audiophiles believe that Quad DSD is the finest medium to deliver great music on the planet.  Recording music to Quad DSD is one thing, but playing it back is another much more difficult process.  The circuitry and design aesthetic required to take the super high resolution DSD files and deliver them as living and breathing music takes enormous skill and care.  For this most important and delicate step we are especially grateful to George Klissarov.  It is his musical aesthetic and from-the-ground-up engineering that enabled him to create the exaSound e22, which must be one of the finest Quad DSD and high resolution PCM digital to analog converters on the planet.  Continue Reading →