Record Collector News : “The Year of Yarlung”

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Record Collector News: "The Year of Yarlung"

Record Collector News: “The Year of Yarlung” Click image to read more.

David Thomson waxes poetic in Record Collector News about new vinyl releases during Yarlung’s 10th Anniversary and calls 2015 “The Year of Yarlung.”

Yarlung Records received three prestigious awards in 2015, the year of their 10th anniversary: Dr. David W. Robinson’s Brutus Award, Brian Moura’s 2015 Writer’s Choice Award — both, mainly, for their astonishing analog tape conversions to Direct Stream Digital (DSD) files while, locally, owner Bob Attiyeh received the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society’s (LAOCAS) Humanitarian Award for offering opportunity, and worldwide exposure, to the gifted young musicians who perform within the very diverse Yarlung catalog.

About Te Amo, Argentina on vinyl:

From the opening “Bragato Graciela y Buenos Aires,” I was absorbed. While ogling the gracious tango dancer imagery adorning the cover, the seductive melody took hold and the resonance of Antonio’s cello became so present in my living room, I was reminded of Disney’s Fantasia as the dancers came alive to twirl and swirl as I melted into my armchair.

About Janaki String Trio:

Janaki Trio demonstrates the extraordinary potential of youth. Though Mozart certainly was precocious as a composer, maybe, he was just as gifted a performer, who really knows? I certainly wasn’t there. Today, enjoying this trio’s flawless renditions, their gifts are timeless. Their choice of repertoire reveals not only their passion for modern composers like Penderecki, and Barabba but, as a bonus, the airy 45 allows the magnificent tone and warmth of their priceless instruments which date back to early 1700.

As with all of Bob’s productions, by the end of each recording, I’m satiated, overhauled, healed from the day.

–David Thomson

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