Primephonic names Yarlung Records “label of the month”


primephonic names Yarlung Records

primephonic names Yarlung Records “Label of the Month.” Click image to read more.

Primephonic celebrates Yarlung as Label of the Month: “Yarlung Records is a Grammy Award-winning American record label, that specializes in classical music. The label is widely acknowledged for its high-quality recordings that live up to the audiophiles standards.” Please read more on primephonic’s website.  Thank you, primephonic, for your generous and much appreciated support.

“On the occasion of Yarlung Records’ 10 years anniversary, we would like to highlight the label as primephonic’s label of the month. Yarlung’s vision is to deliver sound as close to living performance as possible. The label’s name ‘Yarlung’ has been derived from the Yarlung Valley, or ‘Valley of the Kings’, in Tibet. The valley is known to be a magical birthplace, a place where heaven and earth meet. Yarlung’s logo refers to a Yambulakhang Castle located in the valley, and this castle is believed to be where heaven and earth touch in order to transform humanity.”

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