Sibelius Trio Earns Latin Grammy Nomination

Bravo Diego and Sibelius Piano Trio! Para su consideración: Composición Clásica Contemporánea (Sibelius Piano Trio: “Nene”, de Diego Schissi) For your consideration: Contemporary Classical Composition (Sibelius Piano Trio: Nene, by Diego Schissi) El maestro argentino de jazz y tango Diego Schissi compuso “Nene” para Sibelius Piano Trio, que fue lanzado por Yarlung el año pasado con éxito crítico. Argentine jazz and tango master Diego Schissi wrote Nene for Sibelius Piano Trio, which Yarlung released last year to critical acclaim. Selecciones varias de “Nene” Folleto informativo “Nene”; descarga completa de alta calidad de audio de CD ¡Gracias, y que lo disfruten! Nene Music Samples Album booklet Complete CD Quality Download: Nene, by Diego Schissi Thank you! Enjoy! Nene was commissioned by Yarlung Artists Coretet, Yarlung’s new music commissioning organization directed by Donna Morton, with underwriting from Leslie Lassiter, Raulee Marcus and Stephen A. Block.Thank you! YouTube

Dr. David W. Robinson awards a 2016 Brutus Award to Yarlung Records

The Great Dr. David W. Robinson awards a 2016 Brutus Award to Yarlung Records, with special mention of Yarlung’s analog tape releases and “James Matheson” on DSD: I can’t complete this set of Brutus Awards without a special tip o’ my hat to Bob Attiyeh and Yarlung Records. His production values and remarkable recordings in classic 15 IPS half-track analog tape on a fabulous SonoruS RTR recorder, and then transferred to Quad DSD via a Merging Technologies Hapi Quad DSD ADC and available on the site, have been a wonderful treat for me for the past several years. Bob has a lovely sensibility for the music, energized by an inspiring passion for both fine classical and jazz recordings. This year has seen more brilliant work from Bob, all of which can be accessed at his store on Bob, this one’s for you! A Brutus Award for the Matheson Continue Reading →

Yarlung Records: An Audiophile Label With a Greater Purpose

by Bob Attiyeh and posted on The Absolute Sound, April 15, 2016. The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, the world’s largest such organization with nearly 2000 members, honored at their annual Gala dinner and awards ceremony in December 2015, Yarlung Records founder Bob Attiyeh with its Humanitarian Award. Yarlung Records is a nonprofit organization that provides recording opportunities to up-and-coming artists. Many illustrious careers have been jump-started by exposure from Yarlung recordings. The recordings, which span a wide range of musical genres, are made to the highest audiophile standards, with many releases issued on vinyl including 45rpm discs. Upon hearing Bob Attiyeh’s acceptance speech at the LA&OC awards ceremony, I was struck by the tremendous contribution Bob Attiyeh and Yarlung Records is making in support of music and young musicians. I asked him to send to me his speech so that TAS can share with its readers the Continue Reading →

Record Collector News : “The Year of Yarlung”

David Thomson waxes poetic in Record Collector News about new vinyl releases during Yarlung’s 10th Anniversary and calls 2015 “The Year of Yarlung.” Yarlung Records received three prestigious awards in 2015, the year of their 10th anniversary: Dr. David W. Robinson’s Brutus Award, Brian Moura’s 2015 Writer’s Choice Award — both, mainly, for their astonishing analog tape conversions to Direct Stream Digital (DSD) files while, locally, owner Bob Attiyeh received the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society’s (LAOCAS) Humanitarian Award for offering opportunity, and worldwide exposure, to the gifted young musicians who perform within the very diverse Yarlung catalog. About Te Amo, Argentina on vinyl: From the opening “Bragato Graciela y Buenos Aires,” I was absorbed. While ogling the gracious tango dancer imagery adorning the cover, the seductive melody took hold and the resonance of Antonio’s cello became so present in my living room, I was reminded of Disney’s Fantasia as Continue Reading →

Dr. David W. Robinson Awards Yarlung Records the 2015 Brutus Award in support of the label’s promotion of our musicians in high resolution DSD

The cutting edge Positive Feedback Brutus Awards are given at the end of each year by Dave Clark and Dr. David W. Robinson. They are awards for the best products that PFO’s editors have heard in their listening rooms during the past year. Yarlung Records was once again selected  as one of this year’s honorees. Dr. Robinson writes: “The song continues! Bob Attiyeh and Yarlung Records have continued their Quad DSD series of transfers from Bob’s masterpieces on analog tape (15 ips half-track quarter-inch tape). Working with Jared Sacks, Tom Caulfield, and the other folks at, Bob handles the raw transfers from his master tapes via the industry-leading Merging Technologies HAPI ADDA (which he now owns!) to Quad DSD. The inimitable Tom Caulfield, a Grammy winner himself, does the post-production work, and then sends the DSD files along to NativeDSD for publication. You can find Bob Attiyeh’s recordings in Continue Reading →

Brian Moura awards Yarlung one of three 2015 Writer’s Choice Awards

It is a privilege to be awarded Brian Moura’s prestigious PFO Writer’s Choice Award along with the superb NADAC from Merging Technologies and the DSD album Eight Ensembles in 1 Bit, both of which Yarlung has promoted and reviewed in our social media.  Our friends at Merging and NativeDSD deserve these awards and we are thrilled that Brian recognized Yarlung, Merging Technologies and NativeDSD in 2015.  (Please note Yarlung’s album created specially in honor of the NADAC.  Take a look at the download booklet). Bob Attiyeh is one of the largely unsung heroes in the world of very high quality music and audio. This year he celebrates the 10th Anniversary of his music company Yarlung Artists. Yarlung is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that records and releases music from young and very promising musicians in the highest audio quality. This includes Analog Tape, Vinyl LP and most recently Music Downloads. The result Continue Reading →

LAOCAS Humanitarian Award for 2015 goes to Bob Attiyeh and Yarlung Records

The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society awards its Founder’s Award every year at the annual gala in December. But for only the second time in the Society’s history, the president and board of LAOCAS has decided to award The Humanitarian Award. The Society recognizes Bob Attiyeh from GRAMMY® Award-winning Yarlung Records in appreciation of the label’s outstanding audiophile recordings and the good work Yarlung does to support young musicians in the early stages of their international concert careers as well as the recordings they make with already internationally recognized artists. Repertoire ranges from medieval and Renaissance music through the classical and romantic eras to newly-commissioned and world-premiere recordings in the 21st century. Yarlung also records world music and jazz. 2015 marks Yarlung’s 10th Anniversary. The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society uses The Humanitarian Award to recognize the very best in audio, particularly where it serves a Continue Reading →