Analog Planet article “Three Percussion Records You Should Own”

Analog Planet

Michael Fremer includes “Smoke & Mirrors” in his Analog Planet article “Three Percussion Records You Should Own”

Pictured are three percussion records you should own, according to Michael Fremer. Yarlung Records is thrilled to have our own Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble included.

Smoke & Mirrors is another collection of “serious” (yet fun) works for percussion recorded in Zipper Hall, Los Angeles, June 7-10, 2011 and June 3-5, 2012. I think they had to wait a year to finish up after the first recording session in order for the hall reverberation to stop! This was recorded to analog tape using a single AKG C24 tube microphone and features the ensemble playing their own tunes plus one by Maurice Ravel.

The sonics here are spectacular, in some ways the best of the three records covered here, and presented at 45rpm because the 33 1/3 test pressing proved too difficult for most tone arms and cartridges to track. At 45rpm you should have no difficulty.

These performances were recorded live to tape with no editing by the seven members of Smoke & Mirrors. The power of their playing will immediately become evident upon the first drum “thwack” behind the hypnotic bell-toned overlay of the opener “Udacrep Akubrad” ….

–Michael Fremer

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